Huntress's Menagerie


Pets of the Manor

The Pride

  • Sabrina - oldest of the current Pride and finally at the top.  She is the dark shadow that follows me around.  Told off, she will complain, be ignored, she will find the nearest plastic object and start chewing until your attention is gained.  Dog mats and small rugs are for sliding and 'carpet surfing' on, and a game of hide and seek is fabulous fun.  This is a large cat, but she has lightening reflexes.


  • Ella - The little mother that came in from the drain.  Nervious, skittish, and like most rescue animals, she packs away the food, as she seems to think every meal could be her last.  Our little Nermal can quickly become a tiny barrel on legs, but she is stll lightning fast if she believes a kitten (any 'kitten' is in danger).




  • Spike - An energetic little man that you often wish had removable batteries.  Taken from a den in some parklands along with his siblings, he struggled for a while, and as the runt of the litter, we could see a few problems in his future so kept him to make sure he had a more supported life.  While being neutered has meant our charming gentleman does not go about spraying the house, he has still found himself a 'girlfriend' in the form of a small piece of sheepskin that he regularily 'shags'.



The Pack

  • Zoe (Sadly for us now off in her happy hunting ground) - warrior guard, being a working breed she most definately had the herding instinct, but she also had the killer instinct and could not be as trusted as we would have liked.  She respected me as the Alpha, but considered others fair game.


  • Echo - Hyperactive and excitable.  Highly intelligent, loving nature, but easily spooked and sent into an excited yapping fenzy.  Play is more important than food, and given a chance she will run herself silly.



The Prey

  • Peter (passed on after 10 years) - Grumpy little man with a love that could never be.  As there are no girl bunnies about, Peter chased after the next best thing in the yard when he could - Echo.  Ok, she was a little tall, but hey, just like him she had fur and is lovely, white and best of all, female.  His confusion could possibly be traced back to his neurological problem (had it before we got him) that is obvious from his head tilt and sway. 



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