Sitting Room

Cellar Door


Welcome to my place

This is where I recieve visitors, have a seat and make yourself comfortable while my slave pops off and gets refreshments.


  • Mistress - It is always nice to kow who we are talking to, and while I would love to look like my Second Life character, I am a real person too and I look more like the following:


Dungeon - Yeah yeah when on the internet the person sends you a picture and you think ohhh not so bad, then you meet them and find out the picture was 10 years old. Well the above picture is nearly 10 years old(2000), and I have certainly changed a bit (particularily in size), but I am still the same person inside with a bit more experience. Dark brown is as close as I get to black in clothes and I still usually wear animal prints.



  • Domme - Ok so here is the more up to date photo from 2007. I finally got a corset (I was always going to wait until I lost weight) and being me there was no way it was going to be black leather like all the other sheep. Those that did not know me thought my bright colour choice was a bit odd, but those that do know me realise I just HAVE to be me.



    • Huntress - I have worn this title since the 1990's, and it was nothing to do with bdsm back then. I used to play AD&D and all sorts of roleplay games with my ex and his group. Huntress was one of my warrior characters, she could do those things that I could only dream of, and she moved into the online internet world with me as I played games like Diablo, or went to chat channels. Finally in a bdsm world this name that had become my nickname too, seemed yet again an appropriate one to use. I show artwork under this identity (which is where the symbol comes from, as it is how I have always signed my works), give talks and run workshops, many only know me by this name.

    I am Mistress, hear me roar.

    I am Mistress, but so much more.

    I am a partner, I am a mother, I am a daughter, I am a sister.

    I am a pet owner, an artist, a rider, dreamer.

    There are so many labels, how many do you want? Which boxes would you like to try and shove me into?

    I gave up long ago on trying to fit the mould others seemed to think I should, and I see no need to hide those pieces of myself that others don't like.

    There are a few things in my life that various people and groups have trouble with, and as far as I am concerned it is usually because those people don't really know enough or understand it.

    I am a bisexual bi-polar polyamorous Mistress (try saying that fast).