Cellar Door


Shhhh, quiet, do not disturb the players,

or those practicing their crafts....


Welcome to the dungeon


I do not have a fancy dungeon like many I know, and few props, there are many reasons for this but the main one is that I have never seen a great need for it. Sure I have little space, and little money, but I have a great imagination and many creative building skills, I just choose to use my energy elsewhere.

As needs have risen over the years I have made various bits of equipment, and like me they are unique as they were tailored to my demands. Some of these are shown in the pages listed below.

I have been in my local scene for over 13 years now, run a large local email list and munch group called SAmunch, and occasionally do workshops and presentations. I do all this because I believe passionately in helping others find the information and support they need. I see education as one of the keys to people playing safely, and for this reason I have promoted Consensual Lifestyles where ever it is practical to do so.

I could do the usual jokes here now...

Careful I bite, but only if you ask nicely.

Sorry, not available right now, we're a bit tied up.

But they have all been done before, and if it were me looking I would be thinking where are the pictures and just what sort of things do you do? We all wonder if we are normal and if others do what we do, so in the links below are a few of my play photos, some things I like, some I have just tried to see what they are like, and some are things I have done simply because the other person wanted to experience them, but they don't push my buttons.

At this point I would warn those that hate needles, blood, etc to be careful what links they pick, wouldn't want you passing out like a certain sub I know with a big needle phobia :)


Building a simple pony cart

Portable Cross

Rope work

Needle Play


Homemade Toys





Final thoughts

  • I always thought everyone spiced up their sex lives with a bit of slap and tickle....
  • I have never been vanilla and it has always amazed me just how little some people know and how unadventurous they can be...




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