Needle Play

Cellar Door


Temporary piercing

The following pictures show some of the needle play I have done, it is nothing spectacular, unlike the work of some of my friends. Sadly I do not get to espand my skills in this area much as I have a highly needle phobic slave that passes out when pointy things come too close (really does take all the fun out of it).


  • Simple little fan - I was doing this on a girlfriend as part of a teaching session for someone else who wanted to know what was involved.

breast fan


  • Back wings - Simple matching curved rows on each side of the back for someone to see how they feel.

back wings


  • Wings - Done as part of a show, feathers were added into the ends of the needles for a splash of colour.

arm wings


  • Bullseye! - Guy came to one of my parties with his own homemade blowpipe and premade needle darts. Since he he came prepared my friend and I obliged, and straight away I hit a perfect shot onto one of his nipples, from the other side of the room.







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