Huntress's Ponycart

Cellar Door


Building a simple pony cart


  • Stage 1 - For me a good build starts with a good base and I wanted something that could carry my weight and be easy to pull. This wheelbarrow suited my needs perfectly and had a very stable frame.


  • Stage 2 - Strip down the wheelbarrow to get rid of any unwanted bits and remodel what is left into a more useful body.


  • Stage 3 - Chop back the old handles and fashion a new one on the front. Put on the foot plate to stiffen the forward area, and add a back brace. Add brackets to fix the seat to, with the added luxury of springs to take the bumps out a little.


  • Stage 4 - Attach the seat and undercoat all of the new bits.


  • Stage 5 - Pad and cover the seat, paint everything black to match.



The pony cart in use

  • Ponyboy - My lovely slave harnessed up and ready to go. This was fun to go around at Sexpo 2008, and attracted a great deal of attention.



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