Cellar Door


Cock and Ball Torture

The following pictures show some of the cock play I have done, I don't mind doing a bit of torture on cocks, I actually find it quite theraputic.


  • Monkey - I love this little toy, it is so cute, it is springy so it can handle a little expansion and bobs around happily when one walks.



  • Pegged - Does not look like a lot, but these are little and really tiny pegs which really bite into the flesh viciously. Of course the worst bit is when they come off, not when they go on.



  • Nailed - Not something I would do normally, but when someone arrives with their own board, hammer, and nails soaking in alcohol, how can one say no? You can tell from the previous nail holes he had done this before. The top nail goes though the eye of the penis, and I enjoyed this mostly because I was inflicting pain on someone I really didn't like that much and I was just a little vicious doing it.







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